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Apr 13

The Beauty and Wonder of London

The main city of London is among the older and many well known cities within the European countries. It is situated nearly at the River Thames, in south-eastern England. Additionally, it is the place you will discover numerous renowned along with ancient places, buildings in addition to points of interest and it also property many of the most famous folks and also groups, for instance King Elizabeth plus the Royal Family members.

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Dec 05

London Hotels: Umi Hotel – England Hotels and Accommodation

The Umi Hotel is a new concept for hotels in London by offering a 5-star service in a 3-star hotel at a 2-star price. And its location offers the best of both worlds: the tranquility of a pretty garden square in a quiet residential neighbourhood combined with the hustle and bustle of Notting Hill’s nightlife only 2 minutes’ walk away.
Duration : 0:1:33

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Sep 04

Interview with iStopOver Host Ingrid – London Accommodation

We’re talking with Ingrid, who is an iStopOver Host in London, England.
Ingrid has a lovely listing in Zone 2 of London, located within an artsy neighborhood with shops, boutiques and restaurants.
Ingrid’s listing is right in the hub of activity – especially during the London 2012 Olympics. Watch as we talk all things London, being an iStopOver Host and the 2012 games.
To see Ingrid’s listing please click: http://www.istopover.com/short-term-rentals/listings/8073-entire-apartment-victoria-park-road-london-gb
Duration : 0:5:26

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Aug 02

London Hotels: The Rookery Hotel – England Hotels and Accommodation

The Rookery Hotel – England Hotels and Accommodation

Quietly located in Smithfield, in the City of London, a short distance from St Paul’s and the Bank of England, the only remaining early houses in Peter’s Lane have been restored to create this delightful small hotel.

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Jul 29

London Hotels: The Cavendish – England Hotels and Accommodation

Set in St James’s, one of the most prestigious locations in the heart of London, The Cavendish London Hotel offers the ultimate in luxury and convenience for visitors visiting the U.K’s capital on business or pleasure.
The property has remained at the forefront of London hotels since the 1800′s when it was run by Rosa Lewis the infamous “Duchess of Duke Street”. Famous throughout London Society for her hospitality and cooking, The Cavendish continues this tradition today. The attentive staff, variety of facilities and the meticulous care in all the services offered will ensure your stay is as enjoyable as [...]

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