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Aug 05

London’s Sky-High Trend In Dining

Thanks to London’s rising skyline, high-altitude dining is the city’s latest trend. In the last few months three new restaurants – Oblix, Aqua Shard and Hutong – have opened in The Shard, the 72-storey skyscraper near London Bridge, providing impressive new ways to experience sky-high dining.

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Jul 03

A London Club Exclusive For Women

Since the 18th Century, women in London have been excluded from traditional gentleman’s clubs. But this being the 21st Century, women can do anything men can do – and they are doing it with more style at the recently opened, women-only Grace Belgravia.

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Jun 03

The Rising Popularity Of ‘Toilet Restaurants’ In London

When the first toilet-themed restaurant, Modern Toilet, opened in Taipei in 2004, public reaction was mixed. Was it weird, funny or just plain unsavory? Whatever the answer, the concept’s popularity quickly became obvious — the chain now has successful franchises across Asia. London, however, has put a new spin on the business.

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Apr 10

Top 5 Interesting Shops In London

Top 5 Interesting Shops In London

London is known for two opposite extremes of shopping — the highly traditional Saville Row look and ultra individualistic “street” style. As with all things London, there’s no single style or form: shopping here is a glorious mishmash where you can buy everything from precious antiques through bric-a-brac and reclaimed trash to a designer one-off.

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Jul 11

London’s Stonehenge Tour

There are plenty of things to do in London. Sometimes, finding yourself in one of the world’s most modern cities can make you think that the only places worth going to would be the contemporary structures. Small do we know that there are also lots of locations working in London as well as past that tell unique stories regarding history.

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